Brown Skinned Brother

​Brown skinned brother of the earth, marked men molded by gods of wisdom placed on the throne of authority. Intimidating, humble creatures, why are you bleeding? Why is your blood scattered across the world? 

Brown skinned brother, leader, ruler with the wide nose crafted in the image of the remarkable protector of the kingdom. Beautiful brown skinned brother, why are you bleeding? Why are you being mourned by those who love you? 

Brown skinned brother, strong and mighty, breaking chains of obscurity, freeing the beauty of the chosen ones, why are you bleeding? Why are your children hurting? Why are your mothers scorned? 
Brown skinned brother kissed by the sun, soothed by the moon, reflection of the stars, why are you bleeding? Why are we wiping your soul off concrete floors?

Brown skinned brother rightfully adored, why are you bleeding? Why are you scarred? 
Brown skinned brother, cosmic genius, dynamic being, sacred to the land, wrapped in royalty, mirror of heaven whose blood is more precious than gold, why are you bleeding? Why are those with no cause coupled with no pause shredding you before us all? 
Brown skinned brother, it is because you are perfection personified rising above false narratives, terrifying the weak who envy your power. By any means necessary, the terror will collapse as you strengthen in the purpose of being our brown skinned brother.
I love you brown skinned brother. I celebrate you brown skinned brother. I appreciate you brown skinned brother.

Moving Forward


Moving Alabama Forward

E4Alabama is a platform created to make Alabama self-sufficient. Having an independent economy increases revenue and allows more flexibility in funding programs to help its citizens.

Economic Growth

  • Agriculture
  • Architecture
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Technology

E4Alabama GoGREEN

Education Solutions

  • Just Do It
  • Current Flow 
  • DigiFarms



  • NaturHome
  • GreenLife
  • Work It

Alabama Forward Initiative-P


  • Morals
  • Values
  • Eliminating history’s mistakes

E4Alabama – Moving Alabama Forward

Separate, We Were Always Equal

While we were separated, we thrived in our communities, teaching our children respect and honor, their history. Men pridefully went to work, most running their own businesses, while women were there, in the home, nurturing their children, honing their skills for profit to Help their husband. That wasn’t enough.

Integrate. Let’s plant a seed that says it is okay to mix with the Bully, the same Bully our history says we’ve been trying to escape, we wanted to blend with, drink from their fountains of tasteless water and sit in their diners when we once were the only ones doing all the cooking. Our ancestors made it okay to say to the bully “we want to dwell you.” And we say we are Believers, but the Word, every word regardless of what title or source, says not to blend with other kinds as to pick up their customs; yet we question, “how did our children come to this?” We became envious about how others were living, we attacked their ways yet moved to their communities vs redeeming our own.

And, now, we wonder. We wonder why our kids are bullies and our communities are failing. It’s rooted and until the root of believing we must dwell with the Bully plus expect the Bully to save us, the plague will continue.

Pray, meet and greet and hold your social media forums so your concern can continually be shared amongst the crowd with no honest steps to uprooting the evil, curing the disease infecting our people, because popularity contest are just what the youth need. Yes, “leaders” continue to post your photos, keep the flyers flying while our children continue to decline. Please keep to the pulpits while politics keep the people in your pews sick. Keep architecting platforms that continue to engineer our downfall. Keep being fashionably unique while kids run the streets playing with guns you claim you need for safety but haven’t protected yourself or anyone else with the grip(the only thing you are doing with a gun is making the manufacturer and his dealer rich).

You don’t want the truth because most of you, like bad reporters, want to gossip vs discussing solutions. The illusion that we are benefiting from living in this delusion of equality fits your dreams better than hitting reset and developing a new way of being from a foundation that truly worked in our favor. No, we like easy, and change, evolving, takes work. Are you ready? #ShouldHaveStayedSeparate #WeWereAlwaysEqual #somewherecreating

Greatness Personified

Let’s be clear. As of November 8, 2016, the cute little democracy you pledge was put under attack. Legally. It is your history – kill, steal, destroy. Your forefathers, their forefathers, and their, well, you get the point. Your #MAGA legacy has spun the history of #America on its heels, again. For every point of progress, your history comes to destroy. Evolution has no answer to why you always exist except to be the opposite of greatness-citing that it is universal, even the cosmos create their opposite.

You are the opposite of innovation, servitude, vision, creativity. You are the opposite of beautiful, your aroma, a foul smell – polluting the firmament responsible for pollinating the trees that breathe air into all of life’s lungs. In, out, with no second thought of how mindless human beings, the superior, would forget their importance in the life cycle. You prove who you truly represent every time you speak, spewing the ignorance of years – centuries-and-here we are, again.

What is this history going to say in the future? We, know, what ours will say? We continued to create greatness in technology, agriculture, engineering, architecture, governing – far separate from government. World hunger is eradicated, everyone has clean water without draining the abundant resource. Progress. As such, We expect you. You are always present, leeching off a legacy that will never belong to you.

So, back to #America, the real #America. The one who advances the world to the next level. How? Legacies built on the strength and wisdom of black and brown, red tainted hues. Saint Patrick Day Irish, Ramadan Muslims, Yom Kipper Jews, hard-working immigrants, citizens vested in doing what is best for humanity, being a benefit to the Earth. Those of us who understand what it truly means to be created equal, living to serve, with honor, their fellow-man, will rise above your smoke-filled hatred stirring the country, the world, back into alignment with greatness. We will make strides in areas that harvest hope for all people. We will conquer mediocrity with the grandest of innovation that cure the plaques your generation loves to keep blowing in the breeze.

Because of us, this land will be a place made for the yous and mes that inhabit it. Continue with your loud chants and brute force; we understand, it is all you know, but the record will show, history will continue to tell the tale of triumph in spite of your dire influence, the generation of greatness… always prevailed.

Mask Off


I am a mother of three. Three daughters, three very different relationships: oldest- wild and fancy free; mid-baby deep sorrow/longing; baby- first love. At times, I feel I’m judged harshly because I chose to give life vs doing away with these angels. It simply wasn’t their fault their mother knew deep inside their fathers weren’t worth marrying-or worth the energy I lost giving them attention. This is only important now, because men (especially those pretending to be woke and enlightened) seem to be under the impression that I am an easy lay, a woman who would spread open her shore and allow them to swim in the ocean of her passion. They pretend to bypass the depth as to easily tread in the shallow end of my being; meanwhile, wanting to impress the world with the sister, who, too, may have a child or two. Ahh, but the difference is the alternative birthed her angels under the umbrella of marriage, so surely she’s more wholesome-less likely to tarnish the brand associated with the “driven” man’s name.

Yes, she is a smooth, soft spoken- the nice token, coke shape sister who gets you dapped up from the fellow woke brothers and sly smiles of approval from the “just friend” sisters. Indeed, she is top of the line, had her heartbroken a few times, needs saving (from the men who don’t save these…), strong, yet damsel in distress summertime fine. You know the dimes. She’s the one-her past doesn’t reek of whoredom, until you find her opening her legs to all your woke brothers. Ah, her skeletons in the closet- abortion/ birth control using, can you keep a secret I’m really the biggest whore of them all- actions leave you broken hearted. Then you want to look past the facade and see the pretty little liar for who she is-a reflection of just how woke *side eye* and enlightened you judgmental men really aren’t, and, just like the women you cuff for applause, you too fake to be with a woman building her own Empire. Queens like me- too real to pretend to #BEE.

#MOM #MaskOff #StaySleepAwayFromMe #MemoServed