Killmonger’s Tribe

I see you, lost and overlooked. Mistook for a mistake, a secret no one knows though everyone should. I see you glowing in shadows trying to make sense of a void that shouldn’t exist. Ignored by heroes who never breathed fresh air, you look for purpose while slowly awakening to the warrior inside. Knowing the vision but never experiencing the picture, instead, learning how to hide the anger festering, waging war on whom you know you are and who you have been left to be. Burning with a desire to climb out of the cocoon destroying the legacy waiting to be born. Running rampant with rage, eager to prove you deserve to be stitched into the fabric of memories your tribe created without you.

12695032_10206042715809375_7879238929539491586_oAkachi Lesedi Sit Up Straight

Never gaining the wisdom of discipline a village teaches, misfiring your intellect and brute strength, believing tearing down your false enemy will bring you an unknown joy, a satisfying contentment. Prune the destruction leaching to the creative ability growing within. Forgive the story you know to give way to the one you do not. Trust the trajectory of the path given, paving a way full of light for future generations to inherit. You are the good rising from the depths of evil. Highlight the beauty of your marvelous existence, developing empires in foreign lands, fulfilling the grand destiny.


Kings, Bronze Royalty, rising to tops unseen, engineering means for shifting fates, carving histories of gazing sites noted with scrolls of intellect, etched through wisdom, transmitted from heavens, beaming light, shaping beauty on the darkness, giving scenery to glorious memories. Lifting spirits to new realms, transforming dimensions. Building stepping-stones, crafting bridges for crossing troubled waters while learning the tongue of the wind. Sailing ships, exporting goods to serve others while protecting the outskirts surrounding the divine source of the sacred beings.

23550122_1975573525802788_1248295031192950582_oMansa Musa   Kevin Philippe

Kings, Bronze Royalty birthed to sustain the energy of the universe, tasked with keeping the earth aligned, beckoned to use the benefits of the physical physique to carry the world, the Sacred Sons honorably strives, always victorious.

Stars rejoice, angels dance with glee, as Bronze Royalty Kings rise to their destiny.







Afro-girl by MartaDeWinter
Digital Art / Drawings & Paintings / People / Portraits©2013-2018 MartaDeWinter

Faith Lee Bronze

It would be one of those days. One when you debated leaving the comfort and security, the warmth and welcoming bed. I pulled my blanket over my face, “Ugh!” Always on the best parts, I thought. Of course, I am grateful to have awakened; doesn’t mean I like it is before sunrise. I rolled out of bed and lit my incense. Before igniting my oils, I considered the other things I was grateful for and why. Through the chipped mirror, I watched my eyes search for answers my heart couldn’t face. Streaks of pain shadow the many smiles I have witnessed. Daunting pupils longing for falls from anguish, to freely embrace the fresh air released when I breathe in the moment and become aware of all God has given me. “The Spirit is such a beautiful blessing,” I say aloud as the oil warms.

“Siri, play Leela James playlist,” I requested while the aromas begin to blend.
I sat legs folded in front of my meditation mural. With my hands to my belly, I took in a few deep breaths. A few deep breaths later, I began to dwell on what good could I give today and what good I could receive from the day. With so much to be grateful for, it was hard to consider anything new I could receive so I focused my energy on what I could give. Immediately my smile flashed before my eyes. “My smile is good,” I suppose. Letting the thought pass quickly, I began to focus on the things making my lips curve upright. Flashes of my ex-husband lingered, attached to memories I don’t long to forget. I let the flash pass with the next exhale. Franklin was still the sweetest guy I ever met. He sent flowers every time one of my properties closed or the firm picked up a new client. Flowers. Flowers made me smile. Warm memories of the array of beauty I witnessed in Amsterdam last spring filled my mind. I could feel the shift in my spirit. Amsterdam made me smile. My back straightens as I inhaled keeping memories of Amsterdam in my thoughts. I am pretty sure that’s considered a blush. I exhaled and refocused.

As Miss. James deepens her throttle, I focused again on what good I could give the day. Beauty. I dwelled on the offer to be the Art Director for the new museum opening in the remodeled historical district, Excellent Heights. The experience would put a greater use to one of my degrees. Now that live in the Garden District, Excellent Heights would be closer to home. The Dyleo Museum was already the topic of conversation at every major gathering over the last six months. I remember my number of followers on Twitter tripling when it was announced I was on the short list of candidates to head the facilities art department, one of the most prestigious in the world. The challenge made me smile. The new scenery would be more than welcoming. I would cross paths with the sports world but that was inevitable. “Did not mean I had to see Franklin,” I resulted as I exhaled.

I knew I would accept the position the moment Donaldson offered it. I admit, having people on pins and needles about my decision made me smile, though it felt egotistical. I asked for a few days as to not seem anxious, but I was thrilled. Faith Bronze, Art Director for the Dyleo Museum and Robotic Academy. “I need to change my name,” I remembered while ensuring the flames were out before I showered.

While oiling down, I remembered how excited I was to become Mrs. Bronze. It seemed the world expanded the minute Franklin proposed. As I smoothed on my silky potion, I recalled how precious I felt knowing that gorgeous man wanted to call me wife. “A fairy tale after all,” I reasoned while the water washed the residue of reality from my being. The steam prevented me from seeing who phoned during my refreshing time but the ringtone hinted on the intruder. “Yes, Ricki,” I answered with the water still blasting.

“I wanted to remind you of your meeting this morning with the Board Of Directors for the Dyleo Museum,” Ricki was more excited about the opportunity than me.

“Thank you, Ricki.”

“Would you like for me to inform the driver when he should arrive?”

“Yes, please. Have Ty meet me out front in thirty to forty-five minutes. Thank you, Ricki.” She annoyed me but she kept me on track, I chuckled while allowing the gentle breeze to dry my body. Life had gotten busy since my divorce. “I made my life busy,” I concluded as I watched myself in the body mirror decorating the wall in front of my bed. I needed action to keep from losing my sanity. My therapist recommended the early morning meditation. “Remember the things that make you smile,” Dr. Carlis always said. It helped but taking my firm to the next level had carried me through the storm of letting go. Double checking my look with the hand crafted earrings, I felt a sense of pride. I was on the lighter side of healing. Now, I had something new to carry me through the next phase.

“Good morning, Mrs. Bronze. What will you do today?”

“Move on,” I announced to Elf, my virtual assistant.

“Sounds exciting. Here are your urgent emails.”

“Thank you, Elf.” I scammed the words centered on my screen. Most peer reviews or request for peer reviews, new layouts waiting for approvals. I opened the email from the address I did not recognize. Elf would never let mail I did not need come through.

Please see me tonight @ 730.

With flutters in my stomach, moving on just became sweeter.

N30or45 Hookster



Language Detox

Language. We accept communication is the greatest link between two entities. We know in order to understand what is happening with someone else or to gain an understanding of self, we must communicate. We know we have to use common phrases and an agreed upon the culmination of letters and numbers to express our views and beliefs. We use the beauty of communication to formulate what seeing the petals of a freshly blossomed rose does to our senses as well as the terror we feel when a slithering snake slides into sight.

Communication sets us apart from other species not above. Humans understand each other through patterns agreed upon throughout history. Nature has a way to communicate as well. Nature has a code passed down from generation to generation. A difference between human communication and nature, nature listens. Each nonhuman species in nature listens to the communication of the other with honor and respect. This is order. Nature respects order more so than humans-humans who have the freedom of choice. Humans who are wiser and made directly in the image of the mighty Creator has little respect for order. With our higher intellect, we have failed to understand the basic needs of fellow humans and followed through on seeing to the needs being met. This is a basic rule of nature, to understand where the need is, to listen to the moans of frustration and manifest what is necessary to bring beauty and productivity. If water is needed, nature listens to the cries of the ground and brings rain. If food is needed, nature grows grass and trees which becomes home to a nutrient-bearing species.

Humans do not flow with the same ease. We use our communication to create chaos and cause confusion. As advanced as humans are, when compared to nature, we are still babies of communication. We have not learned how to respectfully listen to the cries of our fellow man and respond in kind and with urgency. We remain conflicted by language, semantics. We dispute with others about how they honor and shows gratitude vs investigating how we can serve them in their need. We care more about proving our semantics are right and superior, we forget to practice the meaning of the words. We say we are kind; yet, our actions show a different nature. We say we are gentle; yet, our actions show a different nature. We say we are caring; yet, our actions show a different nature. We say we are generous; yet, our actions show a different nature. If communication is the act of gaining understanding, then our actions do not communicate with our words. Our actions do not understand what our words are speaking. We cannot be kind killing men who think differently. We cannot be gentle leaving people without homes. We cannot be caring with people starving. We cannot be generous while hunting without necessity.

For humans to show they are truly the superior species, they must follow the order of their own language, listen and follow through on what they are communicating. The world should reflect a better nature of the love humans communicate through the semantics of their beliefs. The make-up of the world should consist of more loving structures if humans acted more on the semantics they claim to cherish. The opposite is happening. Humans are denying the truth of their language. Their love is being acted through hate. This choice is having a negative effect on the world. Humans are destroying not only their own species but those they claim are inferior.

How can animals be inferior to humans when it’s the actions of humans destroying the world? Because humans have agreed on a pattern of letters that makes them feel mightier. As time advanced, humans laid aside their connection and honor of nature and the lessons nature gives freely for their own basic understanding of life. Consumed with their own ego, an essence absent in nature, humans developed phrases prematurely placing them atop of nature. Now, we are living during the era when the error of ego worship is being felt globally. Humans have penetrated their language with words communicating a selfish nature and their actions have followed. Because of humans greed, a word only attached to human reality, the world has suffered in incurable ways. Humans overconsumption, a word only attached to human reality, has robbed the planet of nutrients and celestial beauties.

Because of humans proclivity for conquering territories to build statues and structures scraping the skies their footprints are polluting, nature chokes, coughing up and breathing back to us the horrid of human character. Humans have become the enemy of the planet. A young species who don’t understand the importance of cherishing an inheritance, humans have disgraced their legacy and plundered thousands of others. The reckoning shall be our own, dear humans. Nature will gather herself and obey her covenant with time, rifting through terrain, lifting water to new heights, trampling acres of trees, burning bridges, nature will be relentless in her pursuit to remain orbiting the Sun.

Humans have deteriorated in their capacity to recognize disaster. They continue to evolve in polished versions of the previous century, integrating a few new phrases laced in harsh language, forged in blood, regurgitating more prolifically all that is wrong with the human being. Nature gives us a beautiful new species breathing fresh oxygen into the earth, oxygen humans use to multiple war zone sagas and crumbling kingdom stories. The language of humans proliferates dangers, toils, and snares, defecating poisonous ether into the core, seeping ailments of mass destruction into the mantle; everything dying at birth from the residue of human indecency. The human only procreates vile and offensive energy transmitted through whispers or shouted through tones of hard and heavy hues bruising the beauty cultivating around it.

This baby species is a menace to the environment, the words of humans being a tyranny on earth. Eliminate the words spewing toxins into the world, cleanse the sewage of your language. Create a clearer connection with the only known home. Humans, elevate. Understand words structure the human world and, as such, humans should only manufacture the greatest linguistic code, architecting only the finest all-go-rhythms for engineering the greatest harmony with nature.

It is time for language detoxification.

Faith Journeys

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
    and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways acknowledge him,
    and he will make your paths straight.


If you have never been in a Trust God Situation, I dare to say, you have lived an, “o, ye of little Faith,” life. You have not taken a Faith Journey. When you step out on Faith, you are leaping into your trust in God. There has to be a depth of trust in the Divine Being to stand up to life’s goliaths and declare, “I shall not be moved.” The Trust God Situation strengthens your Faith and flexes the muscles of your beliefs. Trusting God in the gloomiest of circumstances says to Faith, “here is your finest hour.” It is the glow of your Faith that compels God to move. Trusting God Situations propel the flow of revelation~trust~Faith~miracle. They teach you time is not a factor for God; it pulls and bends at His will. We Trust God to meet our Faith at the perfect moment to reveal the unknown. We have Faith God will perform miracles eyes have not seen nor ears have heard.

The imperfect beauty of life happens in those Lean Not On Your Own Understanding Moments of the journey. It is in the shadows of not understanding why the God who is not a God of confusion, will confuse the seas if it will get His purpose to the right shore. You see the wisdom of God unfold when you be still during the Lean Not On Your Own Understanding Moments. Reflections of self-discontent begin to fade as you heal and you heal once you stop wondering why it makes you feel better to forgive your enemies and choose to live in the joy of forgiving your enemies, including the one you discover in the mirror.

In the Trust God Situation, acknowledge you are fearfully and wonderfully made by a Great and Mighty God Who knows the plans He has for you and He works all things to form your good. Acknowledge the depth of love God has for you through your(own)eyes; feel it radiate through you. Fuse yourself with the adornment of God’s love and admiration for you and allow His Strongarm to see you through, trusting in Him, as you take more and more Faith Journeys.